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Founded in 1985, HERZOG GRAPHICS ENGINEERING GmbH is based in Switzerland, near the international Zürich airport. HERZOG GRAPHICS ENGINEERING GmbH realises projects with own IT developments and engineering services for the graphic industry, especially for rotogravure in packaging, security, decorative and transfer printing, as well as for the screen printing and ceramic printing industries. From 1985 till end of 2000, Herzog Graphics Engineering GmbH worked closely with OHIO ELECTRONIC ENGRAVERS INC, USA and established the technical service center for Europe, Middle East, former Soviet Union and Africa. The main systems and services, where HERZOG GARPHICS ENGINEERING GmbH has more than 20 years experience in, do include the areas prepress, digital proofing, system integration, network installations, data archiving, software development, laser exposing of gravure and embossing cylinders, electronic engraving as well as workflow optimisation.

During the last years our extremely fast solutions for ripping, workflows and data archiving for packaging gravure are enjoying a good success, e.g. the products RIP-WIN, HD-ARC, TEST-ARC, CD-ARC, MASTERNET, QUAD and the new integrated software solution AUTOflow for efficient engraving preparation.

Besides standard software and hardware, our highly qualified, flexible and efficient software development team realises tailor made solutions for clients at moderate costs.

Several experienced service engineers plus extensive spares stocks enable a fast support for our customers, from the original concept till the complete after sales service. The worldwide based customers are being assisted directly by HERZOG GRAPHICS ENGINEERING GmbH Switzerland or via local representatives.